Sigma Kappas share a bond like no other. In our chapter, we focus on continuously improving relationships with our sisters to fulfill one of our most cherished values: friendship. We hold multiple sisterhood events each year, from our annual Disneyland trip to competitive dodgeball tournaments. No matter the event, however, we love making memories with our best friends.

Led by Anna, our amazing Sisterhood Chair, we participate in engaging, imaginative activities that bring us closer together. We host picnics, bonfires, brunches, dance parties, movie nights, karaoke at the Sigma Kastle  and even sunset yoga sessions.

“These girls are always by my side. Whether they’re struggling with me to get to the top of a mountain or encouraging me to eat that last slice of pizza, I know any girl in Sigma Kappa will be there for moral support. I’m so thankful to call these wonderful humans my sisters.”
— Mary Hansen, incoming senior

disneyland retreat


Big & Little


One of the most exciting parts about joining a sisterhood is joining a unique family. Many long-lasting relationships in Sigma Kappa result from bonds between "big" and "little" sisters. These lineages form a network of relationships between sisters, so they can still be connected to our chapter even after they graduate from Cal Poly.

I never thought it was possible to meet someone from thousands of miles away from where I’ve been my whole life who was the other half to my heart. Without Sigma Kappa I never would have met her and I don’t know what life would be like without her.
— Incoming senior, Jade Hargrove, on meeting her little, Maddy Mattson