Here at Sigma Kappa, not only is there a place for your daughter, but there is also a place for you. Whether it is attending our extremely special Father's Weekend in the winter, our joyful mother's weekend in the spring, or even incorporating the whole family at Cal Poly's Parents' Weekend in the fall, we make it a priority to keep parents involved. 

Activities include drive-in movies, bowling, iconic hikes through San Luis Obispo, barbecue lunches at our main house, and much more! By attending these events, we hope t walk away feeling confident that your daughter has evolved into a wonderful young woman and is thriving in the Sigma Kappa sorority.

At Sigma Kappa, academics always are coming first. This sisterhood is to benefit your daughter's experience in furthering her education and professional network. We encourage every member to take pride in their academic achievements and strive for a strong GPA of at least 2.5. We also encourage at least three study hours a week and post internship/job related information to all of our members.