We love finding new ways for friends, family, and loved ones to join in our special bond of sisterhood! From formal dances to yoga sessions during our annual Mom's Weekend, we value spending quality time with one another.

Take a look below to see the different events we host and attend throughout the year!



Sigma Kappas love getting dressed up for these awesome mixers! Exchanges are usually themed. In the past, Sigma Kappa has set themes such as Sigma 70s, Biker Bash, 80s in Aspen, What Used to be Cool, Rep Your City, Music Videos, and many more!


Date Parties

Date parties are great opportunities for Sigma Kappas to dress up and dance the night away with a date. Some past date party themes have been Dates of the Calendar, Opposites Attract, and Celebrity Couples.


Sigma Kappa hosts two formal events during the school year: a semi-formal in the fall, and a formal in the spring. These extravagant evening socials are the perfect time for Sigma Kappas to dance, dine, and have a blast with their dates. Past locations for our formal events have included Tooth & Nail Winery, Avila Beach Gold Resort, and more!


Dad'S and mom's Weekend

Throughout the year, we host both a Sigma Kappa Dad's Weekend and a Mom's Weekend. Dad's weekend is full of fun activities like bonfires, softball games, dinners, and group brunches. Mom's weekend includes events such as yoga on the beach, succulent planting, dessert nights at the Sigma Kappa house, and private movie nights at the theater downtown.


Parents' Weekend

Parents' Weekend is another awesome opportunity to showcase all that our chapter has accomplished throughout the year to those who matter the most: our parents. This weekend is full of hikes, lunches, tours of the Sigma Kappa house, and much more!



Greek Week is a week of fun and games within the Greek community. Sororities and fraternities compete in fundraising competitions each day, ranging from flag football and tug-o-war to our favorite event: lipsyncing! This is a week we look forward to all year, and a great way to get to know even more Greek students.